What we love

Time with family  
Exploring the unknown
 Laughing hysterically - 
Campfires -
Singing in the rain -
Doing something I said I'd NEVER do -
Hugs and high fives -
Riding bicycles -
Sunsets & Sunrises -
Friendly smiles -
Coffee and doughnuts (or any pastry really) -
Learning a new card game - 
Good directions -
Well thought out advice - And
A well executed plan.

Why we do what we do

Simply because of a love of adventure and an insatiable need to explore.  My personal love of travel came at an early age.  I fondly remember our family vacations.  The excitement of packing, sitting at the airport with nervous anticipation of getting on an airplane, and then the thrill of stepping off the plane in a place I had never seen before…Awesome!  To this day even after having traveled the world for more than 23 years I still love the anticipation of vacation.

My greatest thrill now is seeing the world again for the first time thru my young son’s eyes.  The wonder and curiosity is awe-inspiring.  Experiencing different cultures, languages, and climates, are an integral part of a child’s education and how better to learn than by traveling.