An Interview with Kristin

How long has Authentic Family Adventures been in business?

Authentic Family Adventures was founded by Kristin Kelly in 2007 after she had already been working in the travel industry for 18 years.

What services do you provide?

We specialize in helping busy, affluent parents who want to show their kids great travel adventures that go beyond amusement parks and typical all-inclusive vacations. We design
unforgettable vacations and travel experiences for families to learn and grow together through travel, creating memories that last a lifetime. Our personal relationships with the top travel companies we work with allow our clients to receive the very best service during their vacations.

Do you charge for your services and, if so, how much?

We listen carefully to your dreams for your vacation and then research the best arrangements to fulfill them. A fully customized vacation planned just for you involves a great deal of time to research and arrange, so we charge a planning fee to provide you with an exceptional experience. It is definitely money well spent.

What is the process for planning a custom-tailored itinerary

  1. We receive an inquiry by phone, e-mail or from the web site.
  2. We ask our clients to complete a questionnaire and schedule a complimentary consultation on our web site, which gives us a picture of what kind of travel they like. We want to know where they have traveled in the past, their favorite travel memories, resorts and destinations. We want to know what is drawing them to their chosen destination. This will help us shape their itinerary. We also ask them to read this interview with Authentic Family Adventures, so they will understand how we operate.
  3. Prior to our phone consultation the questionnaire needs to be completed in order to get the most out of our discussion. We can then go into further detail about the clients’ travel expectations.
  4. We take a trip planning deposit, then begin preparing an itinerary and, within a few days, will send a quote with a few options.
  5. We revise the itinerary based upon feedback from the client.
  6. When the client is fully satisfied, we collect the deposit amount and begin making the trip reservations.
  7. One day after confirmation, we send an e-mail containing our Frequently Asked Questions. This covers the most popular questions like required vaccinations, visa and passport requirements, and reading recommendations.
  8. At 90 days prior to travel, we process the final payment.
  9. When the travel documents are sent to us, we review the trip arrangements to make sure that everything is in order before setting up a meeting to go over all the details.
  10. A week before the client departs, we send an e-mail wishing a “bon voyage” and offering to answer any more questions.
  11. A week after the client returns home, we call to discuss the journey and make sure that everything went as planned.

How are you different from other leading travel advisors?

Most of the travel we sell, we can recommend from firsthand experiences because we visit the countries we sell to update our knowledge and expertise. We feel we can tell you the uniqueness of each product and match you to the one you will enjoy the most. We will exceed your expectations and give you the best value for your travel dollars.

What is the difference between booking with you or an online booking site?

Our expertise allows us to put together your entire vacation with flights, hotels, transfers, touring or cruising, rail travel, theater reservations, travel insurance, etc. for a truly concierge package.