The Connected Family ROAD MAP

Let’s talk about you, your family, your wishes and dreams
We believe travel inspires and changes lives. Arriving at inspiration can be different for everyone and therefore there’s no one way to begin. So, we always start with a conversation where we learn more about you, your family and the wonderful ideas on your wish list.  Whether you prefer to talk by phone, video chat or in person, we want to meet your family and discuss the essence of what you see as a perfect vacation. Because no matter which destination and/or adventure you choose we want it to be perfectly fit to your family.  We want it to be unforgettable.

Let’s Collaborate Together
After our initial consultation, we will summarize our conversation to ensure all of the information collected is accurate, and encompassing of your ideas.  We truly want your involvement in this process as it will ensure you get a perfect trip.  We will send along a few vacation ideas based on the destination(s) we discussed, along with corresponding reference materials. The recommended itineraries provide insight in to how others have structured their own journeys, and how your own could be similar or different depending on your interests. Don’t limit your imaginations.

With your input we will use our expertise in travel planning and lifestyles to customize your itinerary to fit your unique desires. We consider travel time, seasonality, and interests, but we also explore limitless possibilities so that you can be confident that your destination, itinerary and experiences along the way are ideally suited to you. 

Let’s Create the Perfect Family Trip
Now that you have decided on a perfect destination and can see your vision we want to know how your family likes to travel.  Tell us what you have loved and hated past experiences, what amenities are must haves; tell us what you cannot live without.  We believe where you’ll stay is the most important — hotels, villas,  or castles, etc, therefore we will start here.  We will recommend several options based on your feedback to find the best fit before moving on.  With your vision in mind we will then begin to add in special experiences along with airfare and transportation. We will also ask you to send completed Traveler Information Forms and officially begin work on your family’s personalized itinerary.  Once everything is just as you like, we will confirm everything and request a deposit.   

Let’s Personalize
Who doesn’t like to accessorize the perfect outfit… I do!   Now I want to accessorize your travel plans.  Let’s talk about adding dining reservations, an appointment at the Spa, or theatre reservations.  Everything will be taken care of before you depart and you will be able to truly enjoy your trip! 

In Preparation
Throughout our process, we will provide you with personalized destination information, complete with everything you need for each city you visit.  You will be provided a digital copy of the information (and a hard copy if you prefer) so that you can access directly from your smartphone.  We will also provide useful information about passports/visas, local currency and exchange rates, weather trends and packing suggestions. 

Welcome Home
When you return home we will set up a time to talk about your trip and receive your valuable feedback. We love to see pictures and hear all the great stories of your amazing family vacation.